My 7-Year-Old Star

Dear Krish,

My 7 year old star! January 23rd marked yet another year, yet another milestone, yet another chapter closed and a new one welcomed. Your birthday this year was an extra special one. image13It wasn’t simply because you were turning one year older, or because you requested for an extravagant “dance party” (complete with a swirling disco ball, flashing lights, and thumping music!), or because you were almost wrapping up Class 1 and getting ready to move onto Class 2, but… because your seventh birthday party included your entire family – me, Dada, Mumumma, Thatha, Avva, AvvaThatha, Chithi, Chithappa, and of course, Adi and Ahana. This hasn’t happened since your first birthday! So that was very special indeed. It was also the first birthday party where you personally selected the group of friends that you wanted at your home on your big evening, celebrating your “dancing” steps into the 7th year! Continue reading “My 7-Year-Old Star”

We blinked, and one year down

My dear Krish & Shiv,

Yet another 6-months gap since I last wrote. I think life can’t help swooping us off our feet and carrying us away with so much crazy momentum that I’m happy enough just to crash into bed every night after yet another long and busy day! I’m not complaining though, and neither are you guys. It’s a good kind of busy. We’re happy, we’re content, and life is moving along, as it should. (It’s been pretty cool now that I also work at your school – yes, I’m a School Counselor and Value Education teacher at Sishya!)image3

Krish, you have been excelling at school (which is not a surprise by any means). Anu ma’am absolutely loves you – she nominated you to introduce your Mumbai dance at the Junior School Day this year, and watching you sing the intro song with four young ladies by your side, you dressed up in your black pants and shiny button-down shirt and tie, oh it was beyond precious! – and I know very well why she adores you so much… you are an A+ student not just with your work but also with your attitude and your care for your friends and others. I’m so beyond proud of you. I can’t even put it into words. Continue reading “We blinked, and one year down”

Too much busy-ness.

Dear Krish & Shiv,

It is May, and I haven’t written in here since February. I remember when I started this blog I told myself that I would write at least one letter every month to the two of you. At a minimum. (I mean, SO MUCH happens, like every single day, that if I don’t document at least some of it, soon it feels like everything’s evaporated and lost). I started off pretty image1well, but I think I slipped a little bit in the beginning of this year. I’ve been juggling a number of different roles – mother to you, counseling psychologist to my clients at the clinic, and doctorate student at my PsyD program – so it isn’t a surprise I rarely find a moment to myself. Plus our home has expanded in the last few months too – first, to a waddling pregnant Chithi, and now, to a very precious one-month-old bundle of joy, your little cousin sis, Ahana. Saying the house is bursting at the seams would be a joyous understatement! Continue reading “Too much busy-ness.”

Teeter, Totter.

Dear Krish & Shiv,

As predicted, 2016 has started off on an interesting note. (Don’t you love the safe yet perplexing ambiguity of the word “interesting”?). I figured it is the most adequate description to depict our current situation as neutrally as possible, without any overt connotations to a negative upheaval or a desperate prayer towards positivity. In reality, as things stand today, there is nothing that is inherently wrong or consistently right. Sure, some things will almost always seem wrong and image1-5some things are almost conclusively right, but generally, things… just are. They exist as they do, in this moment, in this breath. So why not just take it as it comes, right? This is how your Amma always has been and will continue to be – take the good with the bad, take the blows with the hugs, and then just figure out a way to exist that makes sense to me. That feels right to me. (And, by natural extension, that feels right for you).

Most days I feel like I do a commendable job of balancing on this teeter-totter, appropriately nicknamed Life. Most days are smooth sailing, easy going, lazy giggles and sugar highs. Continue reading “Teeter, Totter.”

Hi, 2016!

Dear Krish & Shiv,

It’s the first day of the first month of 2016. It’s that day of the year that makes big tempting promises, grows inspiring hopes, and offers exciting beginnings and necessary endings. I like the beginning of a whole new year. It feels like some magical spirit has wiped the slate squeaky clean and we get a whole new scribblimage1-2ing pad to fill in however we desire. With whatever colors. Whatever language. With words or numbers or doodles. With markers or crayons or pencils or stickers! Anything at all, you can choose. It is just so… invigorating! So many options, so many choices, opportunities, chances. Everything feels new. Everything is available. And anything seems possible. How can it not be the best day of the year?!

And we had the perfect lead-up to 2016, having come back from an amazing vacation at good ol’ sunny Singapore! It was a strangely joyous feeling, “vacationing” at a place that was home to me and birthplace to you, Krish. Continue reading “Hi, 2016!”

It’s always a good time

Dear Krish & Shiv,

Days, weeks, months. They have flown by in quick seconds, busy minutes, fleeting hours. It feels like I have just snaimage1-2pped my fingers and fast forwarded yet another 30 days. (Or, more like 60 days, isn’t it?). I have no idea how time has his magical quality of ebbing and flowing as it pleases, sometimes hurrying up to dizzying speeds and sometimes flowing at an almost-lethargic pace. Either way, we’re busy. You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re busy, busy, busy bees. There is so much buzzing-around to be done, in and out, up and down, here and there. Drop offs at school. Pick ups from school. Drop offs at your activities. Pick ups from your activities. Play. Homework. Play some more. Laugh and giggle. Fight and cry. Laugh and giggle some more. Eat. Read. Pray. Sleep. Pause, rewind, and do it all over again the next day. Busy is good! Continue reading “It’s always a good time”

My Little Genie

Dear Shiv,

This letter has been a long time coming. I apologize for not making the time to sit down and write it, but as usual, life has inundated us with all sorts of happeimage1nings – the most important of all being your 3rd birthday. So let me start with that wonderful day!

You have been obsessed with Aladdin (more specifically the Genie and his wonderfully enchanted magic lamp) ever since I randomly popped the DVD in one day. I can’t remember, but I think it was when you were around 2. As much as I enthusiastically cheered on Lightning McQueen and his posse with you, I wanted you to watch some of my favorite classics. There is something about old Disney movies that gives me the warm fuzzies, and I had a pretty good feeling you would feel it too. And I was right. Continue reading “My Little Genie”